Full repair page coming soon!

Here’s a small list of common problems with the DREAMCAST and a video tutorial on how to replace the battery

#1 Dead laser

can be fixed by cleaning the laser sometimes, typically thats not the main problem.

The saturn has a very expensive, strong laser. witch is why it was so expensive, and lead to the dreamcast having a lesser quality laser. it typically dies

You can find replacement lasers and replace them. We’re hoping to do a very extensive test, by testing many different manufactured lasers. finding the best ones, and then offering them here on the RETRO GAMING ARTS website for sale. In the future.

There’s also a potentiometer underneath the dreamcasts laser, you can test it’s voltage with a multi meter, and then adjust it to output the correct voltage, THIS WILL KILL THE DREAMCAST LASER FASTER, KILLED, DEAD, FAST

There is a peice of plastic underneath the dreamcast PSU, withought the protective plastic there, a short will be created between the PSU and the metal housing. blowing the PSU